RYT-Hospital (1997-2003) - Virgil Wong

RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center is synonymous with the world's most innovative and extraordinary healthcare. Through its affiliation with Dwayne University Medical College, RYT Hospital is responsible for the cutting-edge research that leads to the clinical treatments of the future. At RYT, medical possibilities become medical breakthroughs. From the first human male pregnancy to the first successful medical application of nanotechnology, RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center has dramatically advanced the art, science, and technology of medicine.

Your medical institution should have it all: academic excellence and state-of-the-art research. Your healthcare provider should be RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center. Where you and your family can have all the miracles of modern medicine.

RYT's Latest Miracles of Modern Medicine include:

NonoDocs: The Nanomedicine Revolution
The GenoChoice Institute
Pop! The First Human Male Pregnancy
Clyven: The First Transgenic Mouse with Human Intelligence

Read also Dr. Phineas Lius web-diary about his daily work at RYT and his personal views on the biotech-world.

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Virgil Wong is an artist and filmmaker. In his work he is interested in medicine, technology and the human body. His installations, net art, films, paintings, drawings and photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Wong is living in New York and has worked fulltime as Head of Web Design and Developement for non-profit medical institutions.